This Privacy Policy is composed of several sections. Please read them all before you continue to use this website.


The privacy of all visitors to this website (‘you’) is important. This Privacy Policy is important for you to understand how your personal data is collected, consulted and processed when you use this website.

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This Privacy Statement is effective from 1st January 2021.

Personal data we process

We are processing (or may process) various categories of your personal data, which are grouped into two main types:

  • Your electronic identification data
  • PII (Personally identifiable information)
  • Data of your interaction with our partnered websites

Electronic identification data contains, but is not limited to, the processing of the device type you are accessing our website from, the unique device identifier, your approximate location, the amount of time spent on every web page, your IP address, Operating System installed on your device, browser type and the date and time of access to our website.

Personally identifiable information contains information about your email address, name and assigned ID.

Your interaction with our partnered websites includes information such as when you visit sites of our partners (online gambling service providers) and register for a user account. If applicable, we will also look into the scope of your gaming activities on these websites. This type of information we process only on an aggregated level. In other words, this type of your information is grouped with the same type of data generated by other users. Thus, we cannot find out details exactly about your activities on other websites managed by our partners, but we can find out general statistics about the activities of our users.

Reasons for Processing

By visiting our website some of your personal data may become the subject of processing. We may gather information for purposes stated below and in accordance to our various legitimate interests explained in this Privacy Policy.

We process the IP address of the device you use in order to enable communication between your device and our server, as well as to determine your approximate geolocation which may be further used for service customisation (for instance to provide appropriate content for your language of choice and gambling-related content that is legal in your country). We also use this information for analytical purposes (for example to calculate how many visitors from specific countries/regions come to our website).

Your personally identifiable information is processed for the purpose of communicating with you (to notify you about changes on our website; for commercial communication; customer support).

The information about the operating system and browser can also be processed. This is necessary to help with solving technical problems should they appear, ensuring a regular provision of our services to you.

We may also process data about your activities taken on our partners’ websites. This type of information is grouped with other similar data to help us create statistics about the use of our services. This is important for the legitimate purpose of calculating our revenue.

Your Rights 

You have the set of the rights granted by the best practice for protection of personal privacy and personal data. Therefore, you may exercise rights to protect your privacy, including the following:

  • Request that we limit our use and processing of your personal data
  • Withdraw consent to data processing.
  • Request that we erase some or all of your personal data from our storage.
  • Make an objection to how we process or use data.
  • Request access to your personal data.
  • Perform correction of your personal data.
  • Obtain portability of your personal data.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding the processing of your personal data, or you wish to exercise your rights explained above, please feel free to send an email on

Lawful Basis for Data Processing

We process your personal data for the purpose of pursuing our legitimate interest since it may be necessary in order to keep potential issues with our services to a minimum. Processing personal data can enable us to better our products’ effectiveness and our service to improve your user experience to develop content on our website through upgrading and advancing our services and products secure and maintain regular functionality of our website provide a means of communication and estimate the effectiveness of available advertising Additionally, mandatory legal obligations may require the processing of your data.

Cookie Policy

Any browser visiting our website will receive cookies from us. Cookies are comparatively small files that are stored on your computer that we use to provide third party content, promote our services and products and that help us to generally improve the performance of our website. To find out more about the cookies that we use on our site, please read our Cookie Policy.

Protecting Your Data

We do not collect personal data in an excessive manner. We are committed to keeping your data up to date and securely stored. The processing will not take longer than necessary for the purpose of it.

We apply appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the protection of your personal dataagainst:

  • Accidental or unlawful loss,
  • Theft, alteration,
  • Unauthorised disclosure or access
  • And any other kind of unlawful use.

Our control of access is structured in multiple levels. Restrictions to access are based on business needs and security requirements. Only staff that are appropriately authorised can access your data if this is a necessity for them to complete assigned work tasks.

Sharing Your Data

We reserve the right to share your data with third parties. By ’third parties’ we refer to individuals, organisations and/or companies that are working in development, marketing, analytics or other fields who help us to provide and further develop our services. For the sake of executing tasks previously agreed upon, the third parties are given the right to process any necessary information. Please note that the right to establish the means and purpose of data processing, including selection of data is exclusively ours.

In addition, we may share your data with public authorities and law enforcement agencies where we are legally required to do sound subcontractors and employees of our corporate group.


It is possible that this Policy will be modified or updated in the future. Updates may contain essential or minor modifications.

Essential modifications are announced before application so you are aware of the scope of changes beforehand. Essential modifications may be necessary if we, for instance, launch new services, deploy new technologies and process your data for new purposes .When we make minor modifications to this Privacy Policy, this will not have any influence on your rights or obligations. By continuing to use our website after we publish the updated Privacy Policy with only minor modifications, you accept to be bound by the updated rules.